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'Drool-Worthy' D100 Digital Preamp named to The Hollywood Reporter's "5 Must-Have Music Accessories for 2013" List

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The D100 is a remote controlled digital stereo preamplifier with five digital inputs (2 Coaxial, 2 Optical and 1 USB), and both variable and fixed volume audio output. It is a simple solution to add digital music to an existing McIntosh system. Or simply add an amplifier, a pair of speakers and a digital source for a complete digital based stereo system. It's also flexible enough to be used a headphone amplifier; just connect your digital sources and a pair of headphones for a personal listening experience.

It shares the classic façade, knobs and handcrafted black-glass front panels as all other McIntosh components in a small form factor of just under 4" in height. Its powerful built in headphone amplifier will elevate the sound of your favorite headphones so that you may enjoy the ultimate personal listening experience. (Headphones not included.)

The D100 utilizes an 8 channel, 32-bit, 192kHz D/A converter with wide dynamic range and extremely low distortion. Eight channel D/A converter is used in stereo Quad Balanced mode. Music at all levels is reproduced with extreme precision and elegance. A 1/8” mini jack is provided for control data from the data output jack of a McIntosh preamp or A/V Control Center. ​


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