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Clearaudio Statement Turntable -No Tonearm


The Clearaudio Statement turntable with its integral stand represents the state of the art. It is the result of more than 28 years of research and development.

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"Take the best and make it better, only then it will be good enough."

Based on this philosophy Clearaudio has been setting new standards in analogue music reproduction for more than 30 years. With their common love for music, Peter, Robert, Patrick and Veronika Suchy have designed an exceptional new turntable that breaks the boundaries and rules of music reproduction. The results of their tireless passion and commitment are the outstanding Statement Turntable and the tangential Statement Tonearm TT1, capable of reproducing music at its maximum fidelity.

The Statement Turntable combines unprecedented functionality, beautiful design & engineering with innovative patented Clearaudio technology. This fusion of extraordinary craftsmanship, attention to even the smallest detail and elaborate state-of-the-art engineering reflects the creativity and talent of the Suchy family.

The perfectly crafted Statement Turntable is borne of the endless passion to build turntables at the highest level that are inspiring and set new standards. Clearaudio innovations elevate the performance to new levels. Even the smallest and elaborate musical details are faithfully reproduced. Nothing is added, coloured, distorted or lost. Let your ears relax as they hear only the music, the complete and whole musical performance.

Discover a new dimension of music reproduction.


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