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Furman Elite 15i AC Power Conditioner


Furman builds some of the most rugged and robust power protection gear around.

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Furman builds some of the most rugged and robust power protection gear around. The Elite-15 PFi is an impressive introduction to Furman's exclusive technologies for maximizing the protection and performance of your audio and video components. Many of these technologies were originally developed to meet the extreme AC power demands of professional recording, film, and broadcast studios. Continuous power monitoring plus bulletproof surge suppression Power surges can be quick, or sustained — both types can seriously damage unprotected components. The Elite-15 PFi constantly monitors the incoming AC, and if voltage reaches 15% above normal, it automatically shuts off power to all connected equipment. In the case of a sudden voltage spike, many surge suppressors are designed to "take a bullet" and sacrifice internal parts to save your gear. It's a noble effort, but it leaves your system out of commission while you send the suppressor back to the factory for repair or replacement. Furman's suppressor circuitry can withstand multiple high-voltage spikes and keep on protecting your gear. 7-outlet power conditioner 15 amp capacity 1 linearly filtered front panel outlet 2 linearly filtered outlets 4 linearly filtered outlets with additional ultrasonic filtering for digital or video components) New, ultra-quiet power supply Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) for unequaled AV clarity Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) featuring Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) Zero ground contamination circuitry protects critical digital components Ultrasonic filtering isolates digital and video circuits from analog components Retractable LED lamps illuminate a cabinet or rack full of equipment Surge suppression module for telco and cable / satellite connectors Compact chassis design (single rack space with removable rack mounts) AC Current Capacity: Input, 15 Amp capacity required; Output, 11-15 Amps RMS (maximum, all outlets combined, continuous) Linear Noise Attenuation: Transverse (Differential) Mode, > 40 dB from 10 kHz - 100 kHz; >80 dB from 100 kHz – 1 GHz. (Linear attenuation curve from 0.05 – 100 ohms line impedance) Power Consumption: 6 Watts for display and control circuits independent of actual load Dimensions: 2.15" high, 17" wide, 14.75" deep (Standard 2 RU height without feet) Weight: 11 lbs.

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